INNOVATIVE REMEDIES is one of the growing pharmaceutical companies in India. We believe that our innovative remedies quality products will improve, enhance and extend human life. “We commit to contribute our humble share to increase the well being and to reduce the suffering of mankind”.


The Pharmaceutical Industry views India as one of the main sourcing points and also a manufacturing hub. Most of the Indian manufacturing facilities confirm to GMP Standards, ISO Certifications etc. Thereby complying with the stringent country wide regulatory specifications. The quality of formulations distributed by INNOVATIVEREMEDIES, matches with the best in the market in quality and with competitive pricing. We have various formulations in different strengths manufactured by GMP companies in India. To keep the company amongst the best in the market; we possess the ‘purity and quality of everything’.

Over the years our company has strengthened its integration across the pharmaceutical value chain through operations across its manufacturing plants. Today with the new objective our company is looking forward to enrich further in the field of pharmacy knowledge through problem solving research and to maintain the same standards. quality high-end life saving drugs at the most competitive prices and quality of the product is a prime concern of our company.The company INNOVATIVE REMEDIES, established in the year 2005 as a pharmaceutical formulation company with corporate office at Hyderabad.  It is having more than 25 products which include Tablets, Capsules and Syrups etc and having all India network of distributors in almost all states of India including Andhra Pradesh.